A new exhibit The Big Bug Expo Outdoor or Indoor making its first appearance in South Africa, featuring the amazing behaviours and extreme characteristics of some of the earth’s most fascinating creatures—insects.

The Exhibition will feature 6 giant, moving, hissing, clicking insects from different parts of the world. Imagine this:, a 6m Tarantula, a 6m Scorpion from head to tail.

School kids and families will experience a bug’s-eye view of their world, explore critter calls, ride a bug train, and participate in. A variety of live reptiles and insects will be on view for close-up inspection. Educators will give short insect talks and answer questions. Magnifying glass and live insects for kids educational activities will be available. The outdoor or  indoor phenomenal exhibition is a great value day outing for the whole family

Tickets bookings are done through www.bigbugtickets.com Big Bug Expo is very popular World wide, most of its events have been sold out, we advise our customers to purchase tickets in advance in order to avoid disappointments on the day. Because of venue capacity we are forced to have limited numbers of visitors for each event day. If you do not have tickets until the event day you are not guaranteed access as we will have very limited quantities of tickets at the door.